Do you need a company for building restoration in the Halifax or West Yorkshire area? JMCD Developments have years of experience working on challenging and large scale building restoration projects. We know the importance of attention to detail and preserving the historic features of buildings. Our building restoration services include stone masonry, carving and fixing, stone cleaning, traditional lime mortar repointing, brick repairs, roofing all slate/stone types and traditional plastering.

Specialists in the Restoration & Conservation of Historic Buildings

why our building restoration services?

JMCD Developments is a company experienced in all types of building restoration, some of our services include stone conservation, repair, protection and cleaning and employs a wide range of techniques to achieve the appropriate and required solution to the many problems which can affect the fabric of old buildings. Based in Halifax, Work can be readily undertaken anywhere in the West Yorkshire area and includes restoration and cleaning of churches, abbeys and cathedrals, stately homes, ancient monuments and in fact any building or facade where the original stonework is to be preserved.

our expertise in building restoration

Our expertise in the restoration and maintenance of listed and historic buildings is brought together in a specialist heritage team, designed to ensure sympathetic and historically accurate solutions. With full project management, we offer clients detailed consultation and ongoing advice, using extensive building knowledge and detailed architectural research to specify the correct materials and appropriate schedule of works. Our team of highly skilled, time served craftsmen ensures meticulous attention to quality and historical accuracy, down to the finest details, from facades and exteriors to interior decoration and preservation.

what is building restoration?

Historic England defines building restoration as returning a building to a "known earlier state, on the basis of compelling evidence, without conjecture". That can mean various things for your property, depending on what needs doing and why. You’ll need to consider if planning permission is needed, whether it is a listed building or not, and on the most basic and practical level, the budget you have available for the work. You might also be looking for a Grand Designs type restoration, involving preserving what can be preserved of the beautiful features of an old building, while adding deliberately contrasting but also complementary modern features.