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premier building maintenance services in halifax and west yorkshire

Our Building Maintenance services:

Our building maintenance services offer a full range of planned and reactive building maintenance services, which includes all minor and major maintenance jobs. Our ambition is to help you save on renovation of your existing buildings and property or construction of new buildings. We understand that the upkeep of your property is of utmost importance, which is why we offer a range of receptive building maintenance work.

As the saying goes, we believe ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The importance of this phrase is only truly realised when you end up incurring a big expense, due to the neglect from wear and tear of the daily use in any aspects of your building or property. We always strive to offer the best services for our customers and our specialised preventive maintenance program deals with comprehensive building maintenance of your facility, getting straight to the root cause of the problem and enabling you to save time and expenses. We believe this service offers you a long-term preventive measure, prolonging your facility’s durability.

Along with providing a first reactive building maintenance services in Halifax and West Yorkshire, we have established an excellent round-the-clock contact team to ensure your queries or needs are met at any time. Our thoroughly trained and qualified operatives are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully equipped with all the required resources to offer excellent service and answers any questions you may have.

At JMCD Developments Ltd, we like to make sure we’ve covered all bases when it comes to offering the best possible services. We make sure the following planned building maintenance services are provided for our clients:

  • Roof inspection and repair

  • Electrical testing

  • Lock Smith & Glazing services

  • Painting and decorating

  • Boiler servicing

  • Drainage clearance and maintenance

  • Gas certification and system maintenance

  • Water treatment and Legionella testing

The best building maintenance service in the Halifax and West Yorkshire area.

A good building maintenance schedule:

Every year

Gutter cleaning

Roof inspection and minor reactive repairs

flashings on the roof and cupolas

check and repair harling and render cement coatings

chimney heads and chimney pots

TV aerials and fixings

Every 3–5 yrs

Door-entry systems

external paint work on doors, windows, gutters and downpipes

Every 5–10 yrs

Stair painting

mastic around windows

repair felt roof coverings

Every 10–15 yrs

Pointing – mortar between stone/brick in walls

replace U-PVC windows

Every 10–20 yrs

Renew render coatings on walls or chimneys

Every 20–30 yrs

Replace felt roof coverings

major overhaul of tiling on roofs

Every 40–50 yrs

Replace lead roofs

replace tiled roofs

some work to sandstone walls and chimney heads

Every 50–100 yrs

Replace slated roofs

replace cast iron gutters and downpipes

replace external woodwork

replace cast iron railings