historic building renovation

JMCD Developments are one of leading names for historic building renovation in the Halifax and West Yorkshire area. We have been successfully restoring historic and listed buildings for many years, so our contractors really know what they’re doing. Whether working on Grade 1 and 2 listed properties such as The Piece Hall in Halifax or on an historic monument or church. Building a reputation for renovating listed buildings demands exceptional people, specialist building skills, an appreciation of National Trust requirements and a deep understanding of the applicable building regulations.

the leaders in historic building renovations

Are your contractors suitably skilled for historic renovation?

Whether your listed building is in daily use or not, historic building renovation and conservation can create unique contracting challenges. Inexperienced contractors could ultimately cost a fortune, damage your reputation and even break the law. That’s why these types of project just aren’t suitable for just any contractor, and certainly not the place for novices. So where can you find suitably skilled listed building contractors? Fortunately JMCD Developments Ltd have a proven track record and large portfolio of satisfied clients, such as The National Trust, local authorities and other charitable trusts who are already appreciating our sympathetic approach and trusting us to work on their historic buildings.

what is historic building renovation?

In the field of historic preservation, building restoration is the action or process of accurately revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic building, as it appeared at a particular period in its history, while protecting its heritage value. Restoration work may be performed to reverse decay, or alterations made to the building(s) Since Historic Building Conservation is more about fostering a deep appreciation for these famous structures and learning more about why they exist, rather than just keeping historic structures standing tall and looking as beautiful as ever, true historic building preservation aims for a high level of authenticity, accurately replicating historic materials and techniques as much as possible, ideally using modern techniques only in a concealed manner where they will not compromise the historic character of the structure's appearance.

The historic building restoration partner you can trust

When you have regularly been entrusted with historic building restoration at the highest level, sensitivity and discretion is everything. Whether choosing and working with appropriate materials and implementing client choices, such as whether to have visible or discreet replacements, or delicate matters such as conservation versus restoration and DDA access to listed buildings our listed building contractors have the expertise and can advise you. At JMCD Developments we have the skill and knowledge to undertake any size of historic building renovation. If you would like to know more about our listed building refurbishment services please click on the button below.