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JMCD Developments offer a fully comprehensive planned property maintenance and preventative maintenance services to customers in the Halifax and West Yorkshire area. Planned building and property maintenance normally takes the shape of regular, probably annual checks on your commercial property or building and those that are required because of legislation such as water hygiene and Legionella checks. Planned Preventive Maintenance ('PPM') or more usual just simple Planned Maintenance (PM) or Scheduled Maintenance is any variety of scheduled maintenance to an object or item of equipment.

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Why is Planned Preventative Maintenance Important?

If you run a business that is departmentalised and relies on a fairly large team of staff, it’s vital to ensure they can do their jobs as effectively as possible. Any change in circumstances can lead to a huge problem. Most businesses do not realise just how many facilities and services they take for granted each day. If one were to breakdown or malfunction, it can become a massive headache. In most commercial buildings for example, there will be a number of vital services running around the clock. This is why having a firm of professional commercial property and equipment maintenance specialists take the load on most if not all of these concerns, makes complete sense. If you would to know more about our first class planned maintenance and preventattive services contact JMCD Developments, one of West Yorkshires leading construction companies today. 

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What is planned preventative maintenance? Also commonly referred to as planned or scheduled maintenance, is essentially a scheduled maintenance routine, set out to ensure machinery, services and equipment are all maintained at regular intervals. This helps to minimise partial or complete failure, and thus minimise business interruption and prepare your business to avoid any costly disasters. Rather than waiting for machinery or equipment to break down and have a team “reactively” repair the issue, PPM acts as a preemptive insurance policy against catastrophic failures which can lead to a costly and time consuming interruption to business operations, not to mention an expensive repair or full replacement of the failed equipment in question.

It may seem like an obvious choice, but there are countless businesses who do not operate with any form of PPM schedules in place.

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Earlier this year the government pledged to fund the maintenance of school buildings in order to support the delivery of education. Over the next two years they will be investing £4 billion to fund property improvements and school maintenance. As a result JMCD Developments has committed to providing tailored Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) packages for schools throughout the Halifax and West Yorkshire area. In the past we have carried out numerous school refurbishments across the Halifax and West Yorkshire area, and have separately offered facilities management for commercial properties. However, in light of the new government funding it is apparent school officials will be seeking specialist school maintenance support, therefore JMCD Developments Ltd is offering tailor-made PPM packages for school maintenance. For more information please click the button below. 

JMCD Developments are a unique and innovative building and construction company who specialises in building maintenance, building refurbishment, shopfitting and building restoration. We are proud to be one of West Yorkshires leading construction companies.

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